The selection of our ingredients

It’s important to us to offer you indulgent desserts that follow authentic recipes and that create small moments of pure delight. A perfect culinary experience, from your first glance to the very last spoonful.
We believe that it’s possible to produce quality products that are sourced locally in France as much as possible. We are committed to a sustainable development initiative, especially in relation to our partner milk producers located in the French Alpes.

Milk and cream from the Alpes

Our key ingredient

100% French milk, collected everyday in the heart of the Alpes at our partner farm. A smooth sweet cream that makes our desserts so rich.

Our sustainable development initiative includes a commitment to our producers, the well being of animals, proper remuneration for our producers, and the protection of the environment.

Vanilla from Madagascar

A classic ingredient in La Fermière’s recipes, bourbon vanilla pods are carefully selected and then infused in our milk for an incomparable flavour.

Rice from Camargue

We chose the sweet and tender short-grain rice from Camargue because its texture will bring you right back to your childhood. Located along the Mediterranean, the Camargue Regional Nature Park is the ideal climate for growing rice in France.

Carefully grown by rice farmers who are very attentive of the conservation of their environment, La Fermière chose the short-grain rice from Camargue for its incomparable quality and its exquisite taste.


Our Origin Chocolates

From the choice of the region, to the careful selection of cacao beans, our pursuit of quality is intentional. The quality and the characteristics of the cacao beans vary depending on their origin, their terroir, and the savoir-faire of the artisans who then transform them into delicious chocolate.

Chocolate from Peru

Peru is not only known for its Incan treasures but also for its rich cacao beans that are extremely rare. A combination of Criollo and Trinitario beans, this delicious dark chocolate is known for its slightly acidic flavor with hints of raisins and figs.

Chocolate from Vietnam

Our chocolate from Vietnam is a part of a sustainable cacao program that assures good farming practices (productivity, environmental protection, and quality) as well as ensures proper compensation for farmers, which includes a bonus based on the quality of their cacao beans. The goal of this program is to improve the experience of all participants in the cacao supply chain from farmers to consumers and to ensure product traceability from the cacao farm all the way to the creation of our products. This milk chocolate from Vietnam, grown and protected by the experts at Cacao-Trace, is characterized by caramel, mocha and lightly roasted cacao beans.

Chocolate from Saint Domingue

Our chocolate from Saint-Domingue comes from cacao beans grown in the Ciabo valley, found on the northern part of the island. The cacao beans from Saint Domingue embody the beautiful landscapes of the French West Indies. Fruity and exotic, this exceptional dark chocolate has a hint of bitter cacao that lingers in the mouth, completed by aromatic notes of spices, wine and olives. A unique origin chocolate.


Chestnut cream

Our chestnuts are chosen with the utmost attention for their aromatic finesse and quality, from the best producers.


Orange blossom honey

Harvested by bees from orange trees at their spring blossom, orange blossom honey embodies the South of France. This authentic nectar is particularly delicious thanks to its delicate floral notes.