Our best known ingredients


The coffee bean extract that delivers all its flavour in our pots is either derived from Arabica or Robusta.

Arabica is a coffee with refined, varied and strong flavours. It is fragrant, mild and non-bitter.

On the other hand, Robusta is caffeine-rich and has a stronger taste : both bitter and full-bodied.


Lemon & Lime

Lemons and limes are selected for their juicy and zesty pulp in order to delicately flavour our yogurts and desserts. These citrus fruit are hand-squeezed as soon as they arrive in our workshop.


Chocolate from Peru

From the choice of the region to the selection of the beans according to specific and stringent criteria, quality is what we seek.

Our Pure Peruvian chocolate is composed of 64% cocoa, its grape and dried fig notes and its touch of sour cocoa offer a fruity and zesty range of aromas.

Chocolate from Vietnam

The origin of the cocoa beans is controlled from the planting to the chocolate manufacturing. Grown in the Mekong Delta region, the beans are selected according to very specific quality criteria in order to reveal all their strength and flavour later on.

Our Pure Vietnamese chocolate is composed of 73% cocoa, and offers powerful bitter sour cocoa notes with hints of citrus, wood and tobacco.


Double cream

Cock-a-doodle-doo ! All our cream is also of French origin : it comes from the Alps and the neighbouring regions.

Our products’ creaminess is due to its quality and smoothness.


Milk from the Alps

La Fermière is uncompromising about milk : local milk only !

Thus, milk is collected from dairy farmers located around our plant in Gap : in the Hautes Alpes and neighbouring departments.

Quality and traceability are therefore guaranteed !


Sweet Chestnut

This fruit with its unique taste, both velvety and smooth, has the power to make desserts irressistibly and deliciously creamy that melt in the mouth.

All reasons are good to associate its refined flavour with our yogurts and desserts.


Orange Blossom Honey

Orange blossom honey exudes the sunny South. It is one of the most liquid honeys and one of the most appreciated for its delicate and fruity flavour which is often compared to that of marmalade or orange liqueur.


Milky Oolong

The Mily Oolong tea we use is cultivated in China.

This semi-oxidised tea offers delicate and naturally milky and flowery aromas.


Négrita® Rum

Negrita® rum is the result of the encounter between a sugarcane alcohol from the Antilles and a Limoges liqueur-maker, Paul Bardinet.

The most famous French rum has enhanced the greatest gastronomic dishes since 1857. This Rum is still manufactured in France (Blanquefort, Gironde), and is recognised for its quality, exotic imprint, and enticing subtle and powerful aromas.


Rice from Camargue

Tender and creamy, Camargue short-grain rice is particularly suited for the preparation of mouth-watering desserts.

Cultivated by Camargue rice-growers with regard to the environment and good practices, this rice is recognised for its quality.


Vanilla from Madagascar

La Fermière offers pride of place to the queen of spices. Nothing is left to chance with the key and indispensable ingredient of la Fermière recipes : from the careful selection of Bourbon vanilla pods to their hand cutting.

The main advantage

The vanilla pods are directly infused into the milk and cream. A generous taste that all those who have a sweet tooth find in most of La Fermière’s recipes.