Nothing is wasted, everything is used.

Our terracotta pots

are in all shades and made of terracotta. They provide an excellent way to conserve yogurt and help keep their unique taste.
They stand up to freezing and baking in the oven, so why not use them at home? Consult our “Recycl’Art” to find out the one hundred and one different ways of using your La Fermière pots!
As this jar is inert and without any environmental impact you can also throw it away with your regular household waste.

Our glass pots

are inert, impermeable and transparent. They can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality or purity, thanks to their natural composition. Recycle them or re-use them, you choose!
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Our dual-material pots

from the “my smoothie yogurt” range are ecological and 100% recyclable. Separate the cardboard from the plastic, throw them in their respective bins and voilà !

Sorting for the planet !

The cardboard in our packaging and the metal lid

can also be recycled, but not on their own ! Help them on their way by throwing them in the sorting bin.

We use 100% plant-based inks

and acrylic (water-based) varnish for our cardboard packaging. Our ink and varnish suppliers are members of EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association), thus guaranteeing formulations free from banned raw materials.

We are committed to Eco-packaging Logo Eco Emballages

and we participate in financing the collecting and recycling of household packaging. Instructions for sorting are given on all our products (it might change depending on the country).

From production to dispatch, everything is under control.

Our products are tested and analysed

at each step of their production. In this way we can provide traceability and a guarantee of quality in line with our requirements.
We check our production line by following regulations, especially the proper application of the HACCP method.
We are also certified according to the IFS frame of reference.

100% of our milk comes from our plant in Gap.

Our milk is collected in Gap, in the heart of the French Alps, from livestock producers who have signed the Charter of Good Husbandry Practices. The cows are fed a healthy and balanced diet, in compliance with hygiene and animal welfare norms, while taking care of the planet.