Our packaging

The glass jar

For 5 years we have been working to convert our packaging to recyclable 100% (in particular the removal of plastic from 95% references).

Glass is the most recycled material after steel among household packaging (85% recycling rate), we want encourage and facilitate sorting of our consumers, who are more and more likely to Adopt good sorting habits.

The glass recycling sector in France is more developed and efficient than that of stoneware, due to the volume of glass packaging on the market.

In accordance with our values and our ambition to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, we have specialized for several years in this material for the development of our new pot and all our ranges.

Glass is infinitely recyclable.

It is also an inert and non-toxic material which preserves the taste, freshness and quality of the product for a long time

Our glass jars are all made in France

Our packaging is 100% recyclable

The stoneware pot

Contrary to other countries, there is unfortunately today in France no recycling channel for terracotta packaging, which is nevertheless easily recyclable (because it is made of clay and water).

However, these packages remain among the most ecological because they are inert, that is to say that they do not deteriorate the materials with which they come into contact in a way likely to cause damage to the environment - unlike plastic for example which by decomposing gives rise to potentially dangerous by-products for the environment and health.

They also help preserve the taste, freshness and quality of the product for a long time.

Aware of the attractiveness of our stoneware pots and in particular our limited editions, we have decided to continue to offer our consumers limited editions in sandstone on our range of steamed yogurts during our promotional operations.

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