The desserts

The foam

A range of pastry mousse with a rich and airy texture, made with free-range French eggs

What gives our desserts their unique and recognizable taste? It is pure origin chocolate from the Cacao Trace program that we have selected for them. This sustainable cocoa program offers quality products harvested with respect for the environment and producers. Head to Peru with our dark chocolate with an intense taste, or Vietnam with our milk chocolate with caramelized notes. Also discover our Colombian Arabica coffee and our delicately vanilla-flavoured chestnut cream.

Mousse on a bed of fruit

The marriage of fruit and the delicacy of a chocolate with character.

A range of pastry mousse with a rich and airy texture, made with free-range French eggs on a bed of fruit. Associations that appeal to the world of pastry.


The people of Liège

A range of Liège wines for fine gourmets

An ultra gourmet recipe, with whipped cream whipped & infused with Madagascar vanilla. The whipped cream is then delicately placed on a whole milk dessert cream. When it comes to fragrance, the choice is yours! Sure values with chocolate from Papua with an intense taste or the mixture of Arabica coffee extract and coffee liqueur. And for pistachio lovers, a roasted pistachio cream that will go perfectly with vanilla. A true gourmet alliance, for a Liège rich in taste.

cereal growers

A range of desserts with a creamy texture that reminds us of the taste of our childhood

Slow cooking in whole milk from the Alps and cream guarantees their smoothness. The secret of our rice pudding: the know-how of our employees. It is their seasoned eye and their expert spoon strokes that guide the cooking of each vat. Depending on the harvest, the rice changes, it is more or less loaded with starch, more or less humid… We do not use stabilizers and other texturizers. Result: it is not the rice that adapts to us, but we who adapt to the rice!

Egg creams

Simple pastry recipes, without preservatives, straight out of a grandmother's cookbook

Melt for the creamy and unctuous texture of our egg cream. To prepare it, we use French free-range eggs, milk and full cream. We then place it on a bed of gourmet caramel which will sublimate its taste. It exists in a classic version, simply infused with vanilla, or more intense with coffee extract and liqueur. And for an additional touch of indulgence, the praline version is made from roasted hazelnuts. Why not taste them all?

Liège fruit yoghurts

An ultra-gourmet fruit yogurt

Its milky base combines the freshness and intensity of the fruit in a yoghurt stirred with milk from the Alps. Its whipped cream infused with Madagascar vanilla is the promise of a real moment of indulgence. We offer a variety of recipes. Our chestnut cream yoghurt is full of richness and generosity. The intensity and vivacity of our raspberry yogurt contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the whipped cream. Such different flavors, but still so delicious!

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