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Know-how inspired by artisanal methods

Behind the scenes, La Fermière takes the time to do well:

let the yogurts ferment in the traditional way, without any additives or preservatives, slowly infuse the ingredients (vanilla pods, lemon zest, lavender flowers, etc.) directly in the milk to extract their delicate flavor, gently cook the rice pudding under the watchful eye of the expert who knows how to recognize perfect cooking… All the delicate attention paid to each pot gives it its letters of nobility, and guarantees those who taste it a great moment of indulgence.

Vanilla infusion

A process worthy of an artisanal method

Our whole vanilla pods are hand cut every day in our workshops and infused directly into whole milk and whole cream. This long and delicate infusion method releases all the aromas and reveals the subtle, natural and unadorned taste of vanilla. Don't be surprised if you see vanilla beans at the bottom of the jar and marbling on the surface: they are the signs of an artisanal process.

lemon infusion

An artisanal infusion process

We infuse long lemon zest in whole milk to extract all the aroma then we add the lemon juice. Our lemons are hand pressed as soon as they arrive at the workshop in order to preserve all their flavor.

We choose mature lemons sun-kissed, with a generous and particularly juicy pulp for a yogurt with intense and natural fragrance.


Slow cooking

The secret of our rice pudding, slowly cooked in good milk from the Alps, is the know-how of our employees because it is their seasoned eye and their expert spoon strokes that guide the cooking of each vat.

Indeed, depending on the harvest, the rice changes, more or less loaded with starch, more or less humid… As we do not use stabilizers and other texturizers, it is not the rice that adapts to us but we who adapt to the rice!

A pastry mousse

The recipe is simple: whole cream, single-origin chocolate, sugar, free-range eggs and … ourand sleight of hand. This gives our mousses their rich airy and very cocoa texture.

All our chocolate desserts are made with original chocolate.  Whether it is 100 % Peru, Vietnam or Papua, our foams stand out for their unique and recognizable taste.


Whipped cream

We infuse real vanilla pods into the cream for a long time to release all its aromas, for an airy and gourmet whipped cream.

The extra key: our cream is without animal gelatin.

Our bush is ladled

Milk does not always curdle at the same speed: molding ladle manual allows it to be separated from the water to obtain a neat texture and taste. 

A artisanal method perpetuated from father to son in our bush workshop.