Our Story



Marseille 1952: François Guinchard introduces a new yogurt that combines flavor and quality . One of the
first yogurts on the market to combine indulgence and creativity!



La Fermière begins selling at the national level in France thanks to a star product: “les
monts plaisir” , a line of bi layered yogurts in glass jars with fruit on the bottom.

2002 to 2007

Following the purchase of La Fermière by Groupe Tarpinian in 2002, La Fermière grows from a small family company to a SME. They continue to create quality dairy products, focusing on the selection of quality ingredients and the use of traditional methods.


La Fermière creates a new image that is more modern and up-to-date, while still equally authentic.


In order to secure their dairy sourcing, La Fermière buys the dairy cooperative in GAP (Hautes Alpes) that they’ve worked with from the beginning.



La Fermière continues to evolve by making products that are even more decadent and by highlighting the quality of their ingredients.

La Fermière combines tradition and innovation.

Everyday we create delicious yogurts and desserts by using traditional methods and by
selecting quality ingredients for you, such as French milk (Hautes Alpes), vanilla from Madagascar, freshly pressed lemons and rice from Camargue.