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The selection of the best ingredients

Upstream of this production respectful of artisanal techniques, the selection of raw materials is just as rigorous, starting with that of milk. Flagship ingredient of La Fermière, it is French 100%, and collected from small dairy farms (35 cows on average).

And because the best milk deserves only the best ingredients, from the most local (Camargue rice, sugar and French free-range eggs, etc.) to the most exotic (Pure Origins and Cocoa-Trace chocolates, vanilla from Madagascar, Alfonso mangoes and Kesar from India…), La Fermière takes great care in sourcing its ingredients and producers.

Milk and whole cream from the Alps harvested 200 km from us

The essential of La Fermière desserts, no good yoghurt without good milk!

A French 100% milk, collected daily in the heart of the Alps, in the farms of partner breeders.

A soft and creamy cream that makes our desserts so delicious.

We attach importance to milk quality by promoting a short circuit and by promoting farmers in the dairy sector with fair compensation.

The taste is there!

Milk from the Alps with which La Fermière concocts its desserts owes its aromas and creamy texture to the typicality of the milk from the terroir of the Alps, with its specific climate.

"Our milk is whole...
What gives all our desserts
their signature and unparalleled smoothness »

Madagascan vanilla

Key ingredients of La Fermière

Flagship and essential ingredient of La Fermière recipes nothing is left to chance: from the care taken in the selection of bourbon vanilla beans, supple and ripened in the sun, infusion in milk for an inimitable taste

Camargue rice

Grown locally and with care

Fondant and soft, round Camargue rice is particularly suitable for making gourmet desserts.

Located at edge of the Mediterranean, the Camargue Regional Natural Park, offers the ideal climatic conditions for rice cultivation in France.

Carefully cultivated by rice growers attentive to the preservation of their environment, Camargue round rice has been selected by La Fermière for its impeccable quality and his taste treasures.

A protected origin

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)  identifie un produit agricole, brut ou transformé, dont  la qualité, la réputation  ou d’autres caractéristiques sont liées à son  origine géographique.

Origin Chocolate

What is an origin chocolate?

From the choice of region to the selection of beans according to precise and demanding criteria, the quest for quality is a will. 

Like wine, cocoa beans offer a wide variety of vintages according to their origin, their terroir and the know-how of the craftsmen who transform them into tasty chocolate.

photo credit: puratos

Our Vietnam and Papua New Guinea chocolates are part of a CACAO-TRACE program

CACAO-TRACE is a unique sustainable cocoa program which ensures the transmission of good agricultural practices producers (productivity, environmental protection and quality) and guarantees them fair compensation with a bonus linked to the quality of the cocoa beans.

The objective of this program is to bring added value to all actors in the cocoa supply chain: from producers to consumers, and to ensure traceability from the cocoa plantation to the manufacture of our products.

photo credit: puratos

Chocolate from Vietnam

Our milk chocolate from Vietnam contains a subtle blend of caramel and mocha with a hint of roasted cocoa bean flavor.

Our dark chocolate from Vietnam is a chocolate that indulges the senses with the tartness of the Trinitario cocoa bean, zesty citrus notes, light mocha and warm undertones of wood.

Guaranteed by our Cacao-Trace experts. Chocolates made from trinitario beans mainly sourced in the Mekong Delta and highlands.

Chocolate Papua New Guinea

A delicious and surprising complexity of flavors.

Based on pure, roasted cocoa, this unique chocolate combines the roasted flavors of coffee and hazelnut with notes of fresh and dried fruit.

There's even more: underlying notes of black pepper and honey.

photo credit: puratos

Chocolate from Peru

Peru is known for its Inca treasures but also for its rich cocoa beans and one extreme rarity.

A mixture of Criollo and Trinitario beans, this delicious dark chocolate, with the pleasant flavors of the cocoa culture of Peru, is distinguished by a slight sour taste and to notes of raisins and figs.

A dark chocolate that combines the flavors from the heritage of cocoa farming in Peru and the wild nature of the Amazon.

By mixing Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans, we have created a chocolate with a slightly acidic cocoa taste, enhanced with notes of raisins and dried figs.


French eggs from free-range hens

For all our desserts we have chosen French eggs in the open air!

Our egg desserts (egg creams, mousses and Liège) are adaptés aux femmes enceintes since they undergo heat treatment before being packaged in pots.

However, if your vaccinations aren't up to date or you're in doubt, it's still raw egg whites in the recipe. You can safely turn to our yogurts.

Indeed the milk of all our desserts is of course pasteurized.

Arabica coffee from Colombia

Excelso Washed Arabica: Colombian Arabica

We have selected a coffee with a fragrant aroma and a sweet flavor which was roasted using a traditional method : une cuisson lente à basse température qui assure heart roasting and an optimal enhancement of aromas.

A protected origin

As a guarantee of quality and traceability, our coffee from Colombia benefits from an IGP designation (Indication of Protected Origin).

Photo credit: Foliet

fruit puree

Nous avons à cœur de travailler toutes nos recettes fruitées en associant des saveurs subtiles pour un mariage parfait.

berries of wild and ripe blueberries, Alfonso and Kesar mangoes from India, peach, mango, tangerine, lemon: we select fruits from the best terroirs and picked at full maturity to offer you the taste of authentic fruit.

We do our best to select fruit from France or Europe when it's possible.

But the best ingredient remains: We
A pinch of Jules, a hint of Claude, a spoonful of Huguette and happiness is in the pot!