• Where can I find nutritional information for each product?
    • Nutritional information is displayed on the cardboard packaging of our products
  • Why is there surface marbling and/or vanilla seeds at the bottom of the Vanilla yogurt pot?
    • We infuse the milk with vanilla pods, so the presence of vanilla seeds at the bottom of the pot or the marbling on the surface are a natural result of this infusion.
  • Are these products suitable for pregnant women?
    • All our products are made from pasteurised milk and cream, so they are quite suitable for pregnant women.
  • How can I recycle the terracotta pots?
    • Consult our “Recycl’Art” to find out the one hundred and one different ways of reusing your La Fermière pots! As this jar is inert and without any environmental impact you can also throw it away with your regular household waste.
  • Can I put the terracotta pots in the oven or freezer?
    • Resistant to cold (freezing) and hot (baking up to 250°C), you can reuse our terracotta pots for cooking.
  • Do you sell recloseable lids for your pots ?
    • Unfortunately we do not sell recloseable lid for our pots, however you can use mustard or spread pot lids to close them.
  • Does the milk used to make your yogurts comply with a responsible approach?
    • We are indeed committed to taking a responsible approach, that’s why the milk for our products comes from our producers in Gap in the Southern Alps. It is a preserved area where agricultural diversity helps protect the land. Our milk producers are strictly monitored for their livestock and production practices in accordance with the good husbandry practices charter.


  • Where can I find La Fermière products?
    • To find out exactly which products are available near you, please  contact us, click here.
  • How can I contact Customer Service?
    • You can contact us online, click here to access the form. You can also contact us by mail at the following address: SA La Fermière, Service consommateurs, ZA Napollon – 375, avenue du Passe-Temps, CS 40250, 13785 Aubagne Cedex FRANCE
  • How to apply to work at La Fermière ?
    • To view our vacancies or submit a spontaneous application, please click here.
  • Who should I contact about business proposals?
    • Please send us any business requests via our “Contact Us” form