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The nutritional information is indicated on the cardboard packaging of our products
We infuse the milk with vanilla pods, the presence of vanilla beans at the bottom of the pot or marbling on the surface is due to this natural infusion.
All our products are made with pasteurized milk and cream, so they can be perfectly suitable for the diet of pregnant women.
Consult our Idea Pot to discover the thousand and one possible lives of your La Fermière pots! As this packaging is inert and has no impact on the environment, you can also throw it away with normal household waste.

Resistant to cold (freezing) and hot (cooking in the oven up to 250°C), you can reuse our stoneware pots for the kitchen.

Unfortunately, we do not sell lids for our jars, however you can use mustard or spread jar lids to close them.

We are indeed committed to a responsible approach, which is why the milk used in the manufacture of our products comes from our Gap site in the Southern Alps.

It is a territory where nature is preserved and where the diversity of agriculture offers a space of great naturalness.

Our partner milk producers are rigorously checked on farming and production practices by following a charter of good farming practices.

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Our products are distributed in all brands.
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