Did you know ?

La Fermière is a family owned company located in Provence,
nourished by our passion for good food since 1952, we continually invent, develop,
and refine creative recipes to delight your taste buds.


Real vanilla bean pods are cut by hand and then infused in milk and cream for a rich and incomparable flavour that can be found in almost all of La Fermière’s desserts.


Our lemons are pressed by hand as soon as they are delivered in order to conserve all of their flavour. Lemon zest is then slowly infused in the milk before adding the freshly pressed lemon juice, resulting in an intense and natural flavour.


La Fermière’s rice pudding is composed of ingredients 100% from France: short-grain rice from Camargue slowly cooked in whole milk, cream from the Alpes, and a touch of sugar, not more, not less.


Our Brousse (soft cheese) is hand pourred into molds to assure the highest quality cheese, with the best texture and flavor. Taking the time to do things by hand makes all of the difference in the fabrication of our Brousse.