Our firm yogurts

A simple and gourmet range

Our methods are worthy of artisanal know-how. In our yogurts you will not find natural or artificial flavors, only raw ingredients. Some are infused, like our subtle-tasting vanilla pods or our fresh lemon peels. Others are used as is, such as our delicate honey with a fruity aroma, or our hand-squeezed lemon juice. Just add good whole milk from the Alps, cream for smoothness and you're done!

Fruit yogurts - bilayers

A range that owes its success to the combination of flavors between yogurt and the layer of fruit for a perfect mix!

Each product is concocted differently. The milky mass is worked or infused and goes perfectly with real melting pieces of fruit. You have the choice: morello cherry, apricot, peach and mango, purple fig, blackberry with an intense taste or even wild blueberry. Chestnut cream, Brazilian tonka bean or salted butter caramel provide an essential touch of indulgence. To mix or not, it's up to you!

100% traditions

Tradition is good!

Yoghurts that will seduce lovers of simplicity and taste on a daily basis. This range gives pride of place to noble ingredients, respecting French culinary tradition. Find our real vanilla pods from Madagascar which will reveal their subtle and unadorned taste. For a fresh and tangy yogurt, we infuse hand-squeezed lemon juice with its zest. And because sometimes the best things are the simplest, we also offer you a natural yoghurt with milk from the Alps.

The creamy superfruits

A range of yoghurts with real mixed fruits, very creamy and rich in fruit!

A simple recipe: fruit, whole milk from the Alps, sugar, superfruits, seeds… and nothing else! Do you know the superfruits? Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, they are highly valued for their nutritional qualities. They marry here in tasty and original recipes: raspberry-cranberry and flax, lemon-mandarin and poppy, mango-passion and chia. Intense flavors and real aromatic power that will delight gourmets!

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