The cremerie

The bushes

La brousse La Fermière is a fresh cheese from the Mediterranean

Our bush is made from whole cow's milk and cream. It is then molded with a ladle, as tradition dictates. Soft and fresh, it can be eaten cold, sweet or salty. It will also be your ally in the kitchen to make many recipes. With it, the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination! And to make your life easier, we also offer it in a mini and even lighter version.

whipped creams

La Fermière full cream comes from the Alps

Our cream is naturally soft and creamy. Thick or fluffy, it will be the ideal partner for all your recipes. Its fat content of 35% is perfect for cooking. Make superb homemade whipped cream with our whipping cream, or generous gratins with our thick cream. Sweet or salty, one thing is certain: you will make people happy!

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